XMLComposer 5
Download the XMLComposer manual here. (PDF)
XMLComposer 5, for rapid integration with virtually any DM/CM system and automated composition and printing of XML documents through TopLeaf.

XMLComposer provides a convenient call interface to TopLeaf and offers a simple way to control the production of high-quality paged publications from XML sources, including databases.

It is ideally suited to publication environments where documents are large and/or complex.

For end users, it makes TopLeaf a publishing service, as easy to access as a network folder.

For developers, it hides the complexity of API programming. By setting job processing options in "ini" file format, you can program XML document composition and publishing workflow.

Gain even more control by using job control files. Any application that can write a text file can interface to TopLeaf to manage the XML document composition process.

XMLComposer 5 is the tool for automated XML document composition through TopLeaf.

  • Simple configuration using XCEdit, the XMLComposer configuration editor
  • Dynamically creates a TopLeaf document partition in the TopLeaf repository directory for each file it processes.
  • Use in database reporting and Active Server Pages to produce custom variable data documents.
  • Transform XML to PDF, HTML and/or RTF
  • Supports TopLeaf's looseleaf features
  • Pull data from and publish documents to remote sites using built-in FTP support
  • Built-in ODBC database connectivity to automatically generate PDFs from database queries.
  • Process database queries as XMLComposer job requests for simple database integration from other applications.
  • Job event logging to and document archiving to a database.
  • Create master tables of contents and indexes
  • Workflow management for proof/publish document cycles.
  • Run pre- and post-processing commands to extend job processing functionality.
  • Installs easily in minutes.
  • Easily integrates with document management systems
  • Automatic email notification of job completion using built-in SMTP client.
  • Simple processing queue management and live job process monitoring.
  • Install multiple instances on a single server for greater processing flexibility.
  • Runs as a service on all Windows operating systems from Window 2000 on.


XMLComposer provides easy integration to TopLeaf in Active Server Page database applications, for on-demand data-driven publishing. ASP pages that return ADO record sets can save the records as XML, directly into an XMLComposer watched folder to immediately produce customized documents through TopLeaf. Build on-line variable data-driven publications easily and quickly with ASP, ADO and XMLComposer.

With built-in ODBC connectivity, XMLComposer can run database queries or stored procedures to fetch data as XML, for automated publishing applications such as report generation.

XMLComposer helps you leverage the benefits of TopLeaf's high-throughput, high-quality typesetting engine in a distributed network environment.

Eliminate production bottle-necks by providing on-demand, user-driven, server-based XML document composition.

Download the XMLComposer manual here.
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