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TopLeaf XML and DITA Publisher

TopLeaf, from Turn-Key Systems, is a high-performance XML publishing solution designed to satisfy the most stringent page layout requirements. 

Suitable for document production and publishing environments, including TransPromo, variable data, technical manuals and regulatory documents, TopLeaf is optimized for high-volume composition from XML and DITA data sources.

Its built-in looseleaf capabilities mean that for massive documents, you can easily generate update packages of changed pages only, and it automatically creates and manages looseleaf stroke pages (also known as dot-pages, point-pages and A-pages).

TopLeaf is supported on all Windows platforms (from Windows 98 on, including Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8), and Linux operating systems (API only). TopLeaf works by mapping XML tags to typesetting instructions through a series of style and layout managers. This means you can use TopLeaf with any SGML/XML editor. The TopLeaf API, available with Enterprise licensing, permits integration of TopLeaf with any external program.

Metaformix supplies TopLeaf integration and stylesheet development services.

To purchase TopLeaf, contact Turn-Key Systems Pty Ltd.


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