TopLeaf Training

Metaformix is the authorized producer of TopLeaf training material. Developed from our many years of delivering custom TopLeaf training courses, our stand-alone training tutorials provide complete functional walk-throughs of TopLeaf workstation software.

TopLeaf training is available in individually purchaseable modules, priced uniformly at USD $400 each. Each module is designed to be completely self-directed, and self-paced. Successive modules build on the previous ones, and address specific functional areas of TopLeaf workstation software. With each module purchased, you receive support for up to four email training support requests. Additional requests can be purchased at the standard training support rate. Modules typically take between four and eight hours to complete. The modules are structured in a walk-through exercise format. You can view a sample of the first module here

TopLeaf Training - Module 1 (non-refundable after delivery)

  • TopLeaf Architecture Overview
  • Creating Publications and Partitions
  • Page Layout
  • Includes 4 Training Support Requests

TopLeaf Training - Module 2 (non-refundable after delivery)

  • Style Mapping
  • Content Handling, Custom Markers and Directives, PI Handling
  • Headers and Footers
  • Telltales
  • Font Management
  • Includes 4 Training Support Requests

TopLeaf Training - Module 3 (non-refundable after delivery)

  • Side Notes and Footnotes
  • Custom Tables (Semantic Tables)
  • Custom Lists
  • Extending TopLeaf
  • Custom Tools
  • Image Handling and Image Controls
  • PDF, HTML and RTF
  • Tables of Contents, Indexes and Xrefs
  • Partition Indicators
  • Troubleshooting using Log Files
  • Includes 4 Training Support Requests

Buy All Three and Save - TopLeaf Training - Modules 1, 2, and 3 (non-refundable after delivery)

  • Purchase all three modules together, and save 20% - USD $960.00
  • Includes 12 Training Support Requests

TopLeaf Training Support Requests (non-refundable)

  • Additional support requests can be purchased as required at the standard training support rate of USD $150.00 per request.

Training Tutorials - No Support

  • Copies of Training Documents only (includes Modules 1, 2 and 3): USD $475.00 (non-refundable after delivery)
  • These are the tutorial workbooks included in the packages above, but without support of any kind.
  • Workbooks for all three modules are included.

Get Certified!

  • Complete the training tutorials (Modules 1, 2 and 3). Follow the instructions here.
  • Pay the certification fee (USD $100, non-refundable) here.

Contact Metaformix for pricing information for large-quantity purchases, and purchasing by purchase order.

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