Welcome to the Metaformix StratML page.

Metaformix provides a free TopLeaf stylesheet for publishing StratML documents that comply with the Part 1 and Part 2 StratML standards as PDF documents.

StratML is an XML vocabulary mandated by the US Government Performance and Results Act (2011). For more information about StratML, click here.

The Metaformix StratML TopLeaf stylesheet is a starting-point for any TopLeaf users wanting to render StratML as PDF, ePub, HTML or RTF, without requiring XSL transforms or other forms of manipulation of the StratML document beforehand.

Important - Warranty Disclaimer

The Metaformix StratML TopLeaf stylesheet is provided as-is, with no implied warranty of any kind.

Using the Stylesheet

(Last updated: 2020-FEB-12)

To use the stylesheet, first download and install an evaluation copy of TopLeaf. An evaluation license key is required if you do not already have a licensed copy of TopLeaf.

After installing and licensing TopLeaf, download the StratML stylesheet zip file from here, and extract it to your TopLeaf repository. This will create a folder called StratML2, which contains the stylesheet files (mappings.tlx and layout.xml), along with ancillary files, and a folder named "Template".

The Template folder is a model for StratML documents. You can either make copies of this folder to format new StratML documents, or you can use TopLeaf functions to replace the included sample document with a StratML document of your own.

Refer to TopLeaf's built-in help for information about using TopLeaf, especially with regard to creating and editing Partitions.

TopLeaf help is also available online here.

Modifying the Stylesheet

We strongly recommend using TopLeaf's stylesheet editing tools to modify the stylesheet. This is the simplest and fastest method of making stylesheet changes.

Note: Metaformix can provide TopLeaf stylesheet services to you as paid consulting engagements. Contact us for estimates.

StratML Stylesheet Demonstration

To see a live demonstration of the StratML stylesheet, contact Metaformix to obtain a login ID and password. Once you receive your login ID, click here The demonstration does not require any software to be installed on your system.

When you are logged in, you can upload your own StratML documents for automatic rendering to PDF.

Note: The stylesheet can incorporate a logo you provide in the PDF. To use this capability, upload an image file with the same name as your StratML file. For example, if your StratML file is named "ABCCorp.xml", first upload an image file named "ABCCorp", such as "ABCCorp.jpg", "ABCCorp.png", or "ABCCorp.bmp".

If you don't provide a logo, a default image is incorporated where the logo would have appeared.

Once a logo image has been uploaded, it remains cached on our system; if you want to run the same file again, you do not need to upload the image file again. However, if you want to upload a differently-named StratML file, you must upload the logo image again with the new name, even if the image is identical to one previously used.

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