About PDFLetterPrint

Metaformix PDFLetterPrint automates the printing of multiple PDF files in one single-step operation. Drag a file, or a folder containing PDFs, onto the PDFLetterPrint icon. Using pre-set printer options, PDFLetterPrint processes each file through Acrobat. It can automatically run a predefined menu item (such as a custom Javascript or batch sequence) prior to printing. And, on printers that do not have multi-tray support in their drivers, it lets you print PDF files with the first page going to one selected tray, and the remainder of the document going to another selected tray. This is perfect for situations where you wish to print documents on letterhead, or different paper stock.


In order to use PDFLetterPrint, you must have Acrobat 5.0 or higher installed on your system.

Configuring PDFLetterPrint

After PDFLetterPrint is installed, simply double-click the PDFLetterPrint program icon. This opens the "Acrobat Printer Setup" form. You must then choose which printer you want PDFLetterPrint to use, from the list of printers displayed, and assign which tray you wish to use for the first page, and which for the remainder of the document.

Select Printer Field

The list of printers displayed is the same as the list of printers installed on your system. Click on the name of the printer you wish to use.

First Page Tray Field

The trays available in this list depend on which printer you have selected. Each time you select a different printer, this list is updated to show you the choices available on that pritner. Most printers have at least the following trays:

Choose the tray in which the letterhead or other special paper is loaded. (For printers that have only one tray but also have a manual feed, you can select "Manual" to pause the printer and feed special paper for the first page of the document.)

Remainder Tray Field

The list of trays shown in this list depends on which printer you have selected. The list automatically updates when you select a different printer from the list of printers available. Most printers have at least the following trays availalbe:

Choose the tray containing the regular paper you wish to use for the remaining pages.

Run Menu Item Field

PDFLetterPrint supports execution of an Acrobat menu item on each document prior to processing the print request. This is useful in situations where a special procedure or customization has been set up to manipulate a file prior to printing on letterhead, and provides an alternative to creating a batch job in Acrobat. If you do not have any customization, or do not wish to run an Acrobat menu item, clear this field.

Save the Setup

Click "OK", or choose "Save" from the File menu to save your changes.


PDFLetterPrint's Options menu lets you install a PDFLetterPrint plug-in so that you can drive PDFLetterPrint from within Acrobat. When using the Plug-in, Acrobat has a PDFLetterPrint icon on the tool-bar, as well as a "Preferences" menu option on Acrobat's "Edit" menu.

To install the plug-in just select the "Install Plug-in" menu from the PDFLetterPrint "Options" menu.

(Note: When using PDFLetterPrint via the Acrobat Plug-in, only the current, active document is processed.)

The "Use Driver Settings" option allows processing through PDFLetterPrint's selected printer, but ignoring the PDFLetterPrint tray settings. This allows one-step, non-interactive processing of multiple files, similar to running an Acrobat batch sequence, while utilizing the built-in capabilities of printers that support multiple trays.

After setting the desired options, PDFLetterPrint is ready to use

Using PDFLetterPrint

Desktop Operation

Drag and drop either a folder or selected PDF documents onto the program icon.

PDFLetterPrint runs silently. If Acrobat is not running, PDFLetterPrint starts Acrobat automatically, and runs it minimized.

Each document in the dropped folder is processed in turn.

If the printer you have chosen is not the printer defined as your default printer, PDFLetterPrint temporarily redefines your system default printer. This can slow down the operation of the program initially. Once the files have been processed, the system default printer is reassigned to its initial value.

Batch Program Operation

Using a task scheduler, or batch script, you can call PDFLetterPrint to run a print/processing routine at a specific time. For example, your group's workflow may require that updated PDFs be printed at a specific time each day or once a week. By creating a task to run, you can automate the printing of files in a folder. In your batch program, simply call the PDFLetterPrint program, with the name of the folder to process. For example:

"C:\Program Files\Metaformix\PDFLetterPrint\Progarm\PDFLetterPrint" "d:\My Documents\Updated Files"

(Note: If you are using a custom Javascript menu item, test to make sure that the files process properly, without generating Javascript errors.)

Operation from the Plug-in

When operating from the plug-in, PDFLetterPrint processes the currently-active document only. This is useful for testing the general operation of PDFLetterPrint, but is also useful for single-click printing. PDFLetterPrint does not prompt in any way. While it is processing a file, PDFLetterPrint displays a "Processing" message that automatically closes when processing is complete.

Licensing PDFLetterPrint

When you install PDFLetterprint, you can use the software for 30 days. Once the 30 days passes, you can still open the PDFLetterPrint Acrobat Printer Setup form, but you will not be able to process any files.

When you purchase PDFLetterPrint, you receive license keys from Metaformix Information Systems. To apply these keys, do the following:

For purchasing information, contact info@metaformixis.com, or visit http://www.metaformixis.com


Acrobat Errors

If an error is encountered, Acrobat may wait for a user action. In this case, the Acrobat task on the Windows task bar may flash. Click on the Acrobat task to restore the window, and confirm any action. This may occur if a custom Javascript action is attempting to be executed.

Uninstalling PDFLetterPrint

Before uninstalling PDFLetterPrint, check whether the PDFLetterPrint plug-in has been installed. If it has, uninstall it first by running PDFLetterPrint with no document specified, and choosing "Uninstall Plug-in" from the "Options" menu.

Uninstall PDFLetterPrint from the Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" applet.