Extend your PDF-based workflows with PDFLetterPrint.

In document processes where PDFs are reviewed, signed and printed, you want to make sure that what gets printed is what was signed. And, if you are dealing with form letter documents that need to be printed using special letterhead, this is not easily done with Acrobat alone - Acrobat does not let you direct the first page of a document to one printer paper tray, and the rest of the document to another.

Metaformix's PDFLetterPrint provides a simple, low-cost way of doing this, by providing drag-and-drop printing for PDF documents. PDFLetterPrint lets you define a different output tray for the first page in each PDF document it processes, and a different output tray for the remainder.

Setup is a snap - Just double-click the PDF program icon to open the setup screen.

Choose the printer you want to print your PDF documents on - it doesn't have to be the system default printer. Then, choose which tray you want to print the first page on - the tray stacked with your letterhead or specialty paper. Finally, choose which tray you want the rest of the document to be sent to.

After configuring PDFLetterPrint, just drag and drop your PDF documents, or a folder containting PDF documents, onto the desktop icon. PDFLetterPrint automates Acrobat, and prints each document in turn, alternating paper trays as required.

Run a Custom Menu Function Before Printing

PDFLetterPrint lets you specify an optional custom menu function to run before the document is printed. This is a menu item that may be created with Acrobat Javascript customization, or a batch menu item you have created. This allows you to perform document operations to adjust the document as needed, prior to printing.

For example, you might have produced the PDF in a word processing package that contains an electronic representation of a corporate logo. But, you might not want that electronic logo to print out. You could write Acrobat Javascript to mask the electronic letterhead prior to printing on your specialty paper, and execute that Javascript automatically via PDFLetterPrint, when processing the document!


PDFLetterPrint is sold in single-seat licenses, for under $50 US.

Contact Metaformix for pricing information for large-quantity and site-license discounts.

PDFLetterPrint Help Documentation

PDFLetterPrint help documentation, shipped with PDFLetterPrint, is available here (html).

Download a 30-day evaluation copy of PDFLetterPrint

PDFLetterPrint installation is a straightforwad Windows installation procedure - no special instructions are needed - just double-click the installation file to install.

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