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TopLeaf XML and DITA Publisher

TopLeaf, from Turn-Key Systems, is a high-performance XML publishing solution designed to satisfy the most stringent page layout requirements. 

Suitable for document production and publishing environments, including TransPromo, variable data, technical manuals and regulatory documents, TopLeaf is optimized for high-volume composition from XML and DITA data sources.

Its built-in looseleaf capabilities mean that for massive documents, you can easily generate update packages of changed pages only, and it automatically creates and manages looseleaf stroke pages (also known as dot-pages, point-pages and A-pages).

TopLeaf is supported on all Windows platforms (from Windows 98 on, including Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8), and Linux operating systems (API only). TopLeaf works by mapping XML tags to typesetting instructions through a series of style and layout managers. This means you can use TopLeaf with any SGML/XML editor. The TopLeaf API, available with Enterprise licensing, permits integration of TopLeaf with any external program.

TopLeaf is sold and supported in North America by Metaformix Information Systems.

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Intuitive Interface

The TopLeaf user interface provides intuitive access to every document it processes. You can set preferences for your SGML/XML editor, to provide seamless integration between your authoring and publishing environments.

On UNIX systems, TopLeaf is provided with a character-based interface. The tools are also accessible via command-line interfaces.

Advanced loose leaf features allow you to preview and print either the entire document, just the changed pages, or ancillary information, such as tables of contents and indexes.





Professional Plus


TopLeaf for DITA

PDF, RTF, HTML, eBook outputs

Stylesheet development toolkit

TopLeaf Workstation


TopLeaf API


Release management

TopLeaf Server

Multiple output streams

Maximum document size





Operating system




Linux 64 bit

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XMLComposer (requires TopLeaf Enterprise License):
XMLComposer licenses, at USD $5000.00 per license. Software delivery by download. License keys are delivered by email.
NOTE: Non-refundable after delivery of license keys.
XMLComposer Annual Maintenance:
Annual support, including upgrades. USD $1000 per year.
NOTE: Non-refundable after delivery of license keys.
TopLeaf Styling Services:
OPTIONAL. We can provide styling services for you. Contact us for quotes before purchasing. USD $100.00 per hour.
General Consulting Services:
OPTIONAL. We can provide a variety of application development and consulting services. Contact us for quotes before purchasing. USD $150.00 per hour.

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