Become a Certified TopLeaf Stylist

If you've done the tutorials, why not become a Certified TopLeaf Stylist? Certification means you have gone beyond the basics, and are capable of dealing with tough document styling challenges. Follow the instructions below, and apply for certification as soon as you are ready.

Certification permits you to use the "Certified TopLeaf Stylist" designation and logo on your web site, and is proof that you have completed training in accordance with Metaformix requirements.

Instructions for TopLeaf Stylist Certification

Using the publication you developed during tutorial execution, complete the following tasks:

  1. Change the book/title mapping to make use of labels to number the chapters, such that the number hangs left of the title, and the title has a hanging indent.
  2. Implement functional multi-level paragraph numbering.
  3. Using the TableGroup "style" attribute, provide a mapping to center tables on the page.
  4. Implement a page type based on TrainBleed that uses side notes, and disable side notes on the TrainBleed page type. Then, implement a mapping that switches page types when side notes are required.
  5. Using the attribute information stored on the AutoHistory element, provide a running head to label the AutoHistory table in a fashion similar to that used for other tables in the document (table numbering is optional).

Send a zip of your completed publication, the $100 review fee, and your email address, to training @ (Payment may be made online. We will not assess submissions until payment has been received. Payment is non-refundable.)

We will review your implementation, and provide a "pass" or "fail" grade overall. Successful completion of four of the five tasks is required for a "pass". We will send suggestions to you on how to approach the failed tasks. You can re-submit as often as you like for an additional $50 fee.