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Metaformix Information Systems is a small consulting, systems integration and software development company located in Delta, BC, Canada. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We consult with you to develop real-world IT solutions that address your needs, without charging big-company prices. We are dedicated to developing relationships with our clients that go beyond great service, to understanding and realizing your IT goals, from design through to support.

Consulting Services

We offer a broad range of general consulting services, including:

  • Automated XML publishing solutions
  • Document conversion and XML document composition
  • Technical Writing
  • Client/Server software development
  • Specialized desktop Office integration components
  • Document Management systems conversion
  • Open Text Livelink consultation
  • Project Management

Through our more than nine year long association with Turn-Key Systems, we can provide cost-effective development of complex publishing solutions and offer start-to-finish project management for your document management systems integration needs.


Our engagements range from:

  • database application architecture and development
  • development of custom applications and integration solutions for document and content management systems
  • software installation, configuration and maintenance
  • network and database administration
  • XML typesetting/publishing systems

Our clients include both small and large-scale enterprises in the US and Canada:


We are a full-service supplier of TopLeaf XML Composition Software TopLeaf XML Composition Software from Turn-Key Systems, Australia's oldest software company, for high-volume, high-quality, batch-oriented typesetting and production of electronic and paper documents from XML data sources. We manufacture XMLComposerXMLComposer, a TopLeaf companion product for simple integration of TopLeaf with virtually any XML content management system. Our newest product, Metaforms 2.0 Integrated XML-Publishing Intranet Suite MetaForms 2.0 Integrated XML-Publishing Intranet Suite, offers simple, low-cost document management through a web browser.

PDFLetterPrintPDFLetterPrint is a utility that provides a "hook" to Acrobat Javascript, so that you can automatically run custom functions when submitting a PDF to a printer. It also provides different first-page/remainder functionality for printer drivers that do not support this type of feature.



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Brief Case Histories:


In 1997, Bell Atlantic approached Open Text Corporation requesting information on a web-based document and workflow system for the creation, management and distribution of telecommunications tariffs, which are large, loose leaf document sets. Coupled with a web-based technology platform, Bell Atlantic required SGML and/or XML data conversion and DTD development. In February of 1998, JOHN BARKER developed an architecture for a Tariff Management System based on Open Text's LIVELINK product. Existing tariff documents needed to be redesigned into XML-compliant SGML documents, and somehow typeset for distribution to state and federal regulators in both paper and PDF formats. Bell Atlantic selected Arbortext ADEPT EDITOR as the authoring tool, LIVELINK as the document management and workflow tool, and TOPLEAF as the typesetting and loose leaf management system.

(The Bell Atlantic system and issues were discussed in the May 2000 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal -- see www.ddj.com -- and also at the November, 2000 XML Asia-Pacific Conference in Sydney, NSW, Australia).



General Code manages municipal codes for more than 1500 clients in the United States and Canada. These are loose leaf document sets which represent the laws of municipalities. In early 2001, General Code contracted with Lighthouse Solutions to pilot an XML based document management and typesetting/publishing system. Lighthouse selected Arbortext EPIC for authoring, empolis's Sigmalink for content management, and TOPLEAF as the loose leaf management and typesetting system. Metaformix provided the integration architecture, as well as the TopLeaf expertise and training, and built the Sigmalink/TopLeaf "connector" which allowed documents to be sent from Sigmalink to TopLeaf for automatic creation of PDF files. The core of integrated solution was a customized version of Metaformix's XMLCOMPOSER product, which provides a watched-folder method for passing files from Sigmalink to TopLeaf and back again.


TRANSLINK (Vancouver, BC)

TransLink utilizes Open Text's Livelink system for records management. In order to distribute records classification information efficiently, TransLink selected TopLeaf to format Livelink's XML export of the classification system and publish it as a PDF. From this same data, TopLeaf also generates a summary "keyword index", which cross-references terms culled from the XML export and formats it separately as a bookmarked PDF. Metaformix provided the integration, developed the TopLeaf composition control files, and the scripts used for automating the production of the PDFs from the exported XML data.

Metaformix also provides Livelink and other technology consulting services for TransLink. Backed by a six-year involvement with TransLink's records management system, Metaformix is uniquely positioned to provide skilled consulting services to TransLink, on a wide range of technologies.


PERIMETER (Vancouver, BC)

Perimeter offers scheduled transportation services between Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Whistler, BC. In late 1999, Metaformix was contacted to provide an analysis of the existing reservation booking system (an MS Access application) as well as a proposal regarding system enhancements. The existing system was prone to crashes, and the 40+ MByte MS Access database was becoming unstable. In addition, complex new functionality for the management of property information in Whistler was to be introduced. Metaformix implemented a SQL Server 7-based database application, and completely redesigned the underlying database schema. As well, Metaformix implemented an entirely new MS Access front-end client application. A reservation import tool bundled with the new application allowed the migration of existing reservations into the new system. At peak season, the reservation booking clerks book or update on average 600 reservations per hour, while adminsitrative and support staff simultaneously access the system and generate reports such as passenger manifests.The system has been operational since November, 2000, with an uptime of over 99%. Metaformix manages Perimeter's servers, and supports and enhances the reservation system.

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