About Us

Metaformix Information Systems is a small consulting, systems integration and software development company located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We consult with you to develop real-world IT solutions that address your needs, without charging big-company prices. We are dedicated to developing relationships with our clients that go beyond great service, to understanding and realizing your IT goals, from design through to support.

Consulting Services

We offer a broad range of general consulting services, including:

  • Automated XML publishing solutions
  • Document conversion and XML document composition
  • Technical Writing
  • Client/Server software development
  • Specialized desktop Office integration components
  • Document Management systems conversion
  • Open Text Livelink consultation
  • Project Management

Through our more than nine year long association with Turn-Key Systems, we can provide cost-effective development of complex publishing solutions and offer start-to-finish project management for your document management systems integration needs.


Our engagements range from:

  • database application architecture and development
  • development of custom applications and integration solutions for document and content management systems
  • software installation, configuration and maintenance
  • network and database administration
  • XML typesetting/publishing systems

Our clients include both small and large-scale enterprises in the US and Canada:


We are a full-service integrator of TopLeaf XML Composition Software TopLeaf XML Composition Software from Turn-Key Systems Pty Ltd, for high-volume, high-quality, batch-oriented typesetting and production of electronic and paper documents from XML data sources. We manufacture XMLComposerXMLComposer, a TopLeaf companion product for simple integration of TopLeaf with virtually any XML content management system. Our newest product, Metaforms Integrated XML-Publishing Intranet Suite MetaForms Integrated XML-Publishing Intranet Suite, offers simple, low-cost document management through a web browser.



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