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20 Jun 2010
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Metaformix provides consulting services and products relating to document management, electronic content management, and automated publishing systems. Since 1999, we have provided systems integration services, project management and documentation skills to clients across Canada and the United States.

Please Note: Metaformix is no longer accepting new clients or contracts

Our services include:

- Project Requirements Analysis and Specification
- System Design
- Technical Documentation
- ECM System Configuration and Administration
- Custom Software Integration

Please Note: XMLComposer and MetaForms have reached end-of-life. Support for both terminates December 2023.


XMLComposer is a significant component in any ADF application. Capable of pulling data from multiple sources and databases, and pushing output to destinations through email and FTP connectors, XMLComposer allows organizations to automate document composition, assembly and delivery simply, and easily.

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MetaForms is an integrated document management and publishing system. MetaForms provides web access to most of TopLeaf's features, as well as additional features suitable for document management within small publishing workgroups.

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